Workplace Programs

EarthShare New Jersey has many ways for any sized business to support our efforts. These programs enable you to be community and environmentally friendly for little or no effort/cost, and make a big difference in the quality of life for your employees, customers, family and friends!

Workplace Contribution Program:

Offering employees the benefit of payroll contributions to their favorite environmental charities is a wonderful way to increase employee satisfaction while contributing the enhancement of our natural surroundings and quality of life.  Workplace Contribution Programs are easy to implement and ESNJ can help you enhance an existing program or initiative one from the ground up.

Doing Your Share Day:

Set a date and announce that a designated % of sales from that day will be donated to EarthShare New Jersey. This will be promoted through ESNJ as well as our member groups and a press release will be sent to the local papers.  You might even want to include an announcement about the event in your weekly advertisements.  Together, we can create a reminder to be placed with customer purchases in the weeks leading up to the event encouraging them to come back.  On the day of the event, ESNJ will be onsite to provide customers with information about our programs and free giveaways.  We may even include a customer raffle to encourage participation.  Once the day is over, ESNJ and your business can issue a joint press release highlighting the event and results.


Car Donations:

Ever wondered what to do with an old car?  What about donating it to ESNJ.  Our vendor will come to anywhere in New Jersey or the five boroughs of NY, pick up the vehicle, provide a receipt for your donation, and give the proceeds of the sale to ESNJ.  What could be easier?  Does your business regularly update their fleet of vehicles?  Consider donating them to ESNJ instead of trading them in.  You’ll not only get a great tax write off and publicity opportunity, but you are helping a wonderful cause.  Other companies do this yielding approximately $40,000 in donations annually.

Car Donation

Jeans/Dress Down Day:

Change up the normal routine.  Enable your employees to dress down or wear jeans for a minimum donation of $5.  Donate the proceeds to ESNJ.  While this can be a great promotional opportunity, it enables your employees to actively participate for a small donation.  Participants receive a small token of appreciation from ESNJ as well on the day of the event.  If you would like, we can plan a host of activities to occur simultaneously resulting in a fun environmental awareness event!

In Kind Donation:

 We strive to utilize as much of our donors’ gifts as possible to keep the environmental organizations in New Jersey and across the country up and running.  Their programs and services are what will make tomorrow healthier and safer for everyone. Likewise, we gladly accept donations of any materials your office may be willing to share- from office materials/supplies, to equipment, to services or advertising. We appreciate your support!