What our partners are saying about us

EarthShare New Jersey is proud of all of the work that it’s partner organizations do and is very thankful for the time and energy that they put into making New Jersey a more environmentally friendly place to live & work.  Listed below is a sampling of some of the things that our partner organizations are saying about EarthShare New Jersey.

left_quote_big“EarthShare NJ provides an important service to New Jersey’s environmental nonprofit community. ESNJ works to get member organizations like our Nature Center into numerous workplace giving campaigns that would be otherwise unavailable.” -Stephen Wiessner Executive Director, Flat Rock Brook Nature Association

left_quote_big“EarthShare NJ introduces Hackensack Riverkeeper’s programs to so many people that we could not reach otherwise, and the ability to participate in workplace giving programs provides a financial boost to our organization. It’s an honor to be associated with so many environmental peers working to make NJ a cleaner, greener place!” – Capt. Bill Sheehan, Executive Director of Hackensack Riverkeeper

left_quote_bigESNJ makes it easy for employees to support environmental organizations that are working for human health and a healthy environment in their own backyard.  Thank you ESNJ.” -Anne Galli, Wetlands Institute

left_quote_bigEarthShare New Jersey provides Cooper with the platform to show its commitment to ensuring that we have a sustainable environment in New Jersey.” -Phillip Cooper, President Cooper Pest Solutions

left_quote_big“EarthShare NJ connects environmental groups across the state and helps fund practical, sustainable ways to improve the environment.  From rural conservationists to urban community developers like Isles, EarthShare provides a common voice and access to critically needed resources.” -Marty Johnson, CEO of Isles

left_quote_big“EarthShare New Jersey provides an incredible service to New Jersey’s environmental non-profits since we don’t have the resources to run our own workplace giving campaigns.  PPA has received over $55,000 in donations through workplace giving since 1994 and that number continues to grow.  Additionally our mission and programs have been introduced to thousands of corporate, county, municipal and federal employees across New Jersey.” -Becky Free, Director of Membership and Communications, Pinelands Preservation Alliance

left_quote_big“Through an alliance such as EarthShare, everyone can learn about their local environment and what the leading environmental organizations are doing to preserve and protect New Jersey’s natural resources. Typically, environmental organizations wouldn’t have access to the thousands of employees in New Jersey’s corporate community. EarthShare can get the names of leading environmental organizations out to masses of employees during the campaign season and help to generate name recognition among the groups. Inevitably this will lead to increased volunteerism and financial contributions to each member organization benefiting both the employee and the environment.”Robin Dougherty, Executive Director, Greater Newark Conservancy

left_quote_big“The idea of sharing the fund-raising necessity for environmental non-profits through workplace giving is very appealing. It makes donations simple for the donor, and it allows more time for the organizations to focus on their main purpose – not on raising money. EarthShare does succeed in raising the funding, but it also succeeds in raising awareness. Our environmental future is brighter when more people are aware of the threats that endanger it. We educate as we go.” -Marie Curtis, Former Executive Director, Environmental Education Fund and Founder, EarthShare New Jersey

left_quote_big“Phillips-Van Heusen has a strong and long-standing partnership with EarthShare New Jersey through which we provide our associates with a convenient method of contributing to a variety of environmental and conservation programs. We believe that it is our duty to be a good corporate citizen in the places that we conduct business and recognize that part of this obligation is to support sustainability and other environmental and conservation initiatives.” -Emanuel Chirico,Chairman and CEO, Phillips-Van Heusen Corporation

left_quote_big“Joining EarthShare to support New Jersey’s environmental and conservation charities was the next logical step for New Jersey Natural Gas. Our goal of reducing our carbon footprint 20 percent by 2020 and the actions we are taking to achieve that goal align with those in the EarthShare network as well as our customers, community and state.” -Laurence M. Downes, Chairman and CEO, New Jersey Natural Gas

left_quote_big“As a corporation, iCIMS wanted to give back and wanted to concentrate that effort in a specific area.. Based on employee feedback, the environment was the overwhelming choice. ESNJ helped us to brand our corporate philanthropy program, iCARE, and create the internal materials announcing the program to our employees. Success in the overall workplace contribution program is directly linked to the branding and focus of the iCARE program. Employees are not forced to contribute through payroll, but it is an easy, efficient way for them to support their favorite environmental organization.” -Collin Day, CEO and founder, iCIMS

left_quote_big“EarthShare New Jersey provides our staff with a convenient vehicle to support conservation in New Jersey. Our firm also recently donated a vehicle to EarthShare. This was an easy way to support conservation and recycling/reuse at the same time!” -Amy S. Greene, President, Amy S. Greene and Associates