Ways to Donate To EarthShare New Jersey

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Give Gifts that Give Back!

While doing shopping, raise funds for EarthShare New Jersey by buying gift cards from RaiseRight to pay for your everyday shopping and spending year-round. Groceries, dining out, home improvement, and everything in between. It’s the most convenient and effective way to fundraise because earning becomes part of your everyday life. Plus, gift cards are great for helping you to set and keep a weekly budget. It’s never been easier to create opportunities for what matters most to you. No extra money spent. No extra time wasted. 

How it works:

  • Register for RaiseRight using the link below. 
  • Buy gift cards at full value from 750+ brands. Pick from eGift cards and physical gift cards.
  • Earn up to 20% on every gift card you buy for EarthShare New Jersey.
  • Use gift cards at full value for your everyday purchases.

Get Started Here!

Follow the link to create an account within our organization and start shopping! 


Check out the EarthShare New Jersey line at Bonfire! There are so many apparel items to choose from. Get your merch for your favorite ESNJ supporter today! 

ESNJ Merch

How to Start a Facebook Fundraiser for EarthShare New Jersey

Starting a fundraiser on Facebook is a great way for you to get involved! If you’ve never created one before, we’ve posted the step-by-step instructions below along with our tips on how to make it as successful as possible.

  • Go to Facebook fundraiser page here 
  • Search “EarthShare NJ”
  • Click “Raise Money”
  • Input information
    • Enter your fundraising goal and end date. We suggest starting as soon as possible.
  • Title Your Fundraiser & Fill In Section
    • We suggest doing “Your Name’s Fundraiser for EarthShare New Jersey”
  • Click Create
    • You’re now ready to start sharing! Contact us if you have any problems or questions. 

Tip: Start strong! Research shows people are more likely to donate to a campaign that already has donations. Kick-off your fundraiser by making the first donation!