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Lunch Time Bites are virtual experiences that engage your employees and support a commitment to the environment. This is a new program from EarthShare New Jersey with exclusive content from our members. The topics range from educational messages about the environment to ways for employees to easily adapt green habits into their lives. These experiences are designed to be educational and interactive with demonstrations, live exhibits, guided walks, and more!

How does it work?

The series of webinars are created directly for corporations and their employees. These webinars will be live with Q&A or a mix of live and prerecorded content. The speakers all represent EarthShare New Jersey members who are experts on their topics of choice. The presentations will be 30 minutes with additional time for introduction and Q&A. Lunch Time Bites webinars can be single or bundled experiences and customized to be presented on the virtual platform your company prefers.

Benefits of this Program:

  • Activity to fit into the virtual workplace
  • Engaging learning opportunity for employees
  • Breaks up employees day with fun demonstrations and live exhibits
  • Employee comradery of applying new greener habits
  • Connect with statewide nonprofits
  • Further demonstrate your company’s commitment to the environment


“This was such a cool and fun event . Absolutely loved it and learned so much!” – Anonymous TIAA Employee

“I thought this would be a great event for my kids…little did I know how much I love turtles! Turtle Power!” – Anonymous TIAA Employee, Traveling Turtles Presentation

Lunch Time Bites Presentations:

Food & Gardening

Plants & Landscapes

People & the Planet



A Virtual Tour of the Hackensack River

Using PowerPoint/screen sharing, this photo-heavy presentation takes participants on a 50-mile journey from the headwaters of the river to Port Elizabeth on Newark Bay. We explore the natural and human history of the river, its watershed and its Waterkeeper. Special emphasis is given to the unique urban wilderness that is the Meadowlands.


Bay Nature Walks

This is a program that we run both at our EcoCenter or on location to highlight the natural world of our watershed. Participants will learn how to identify various plants and animals and their habitats, the different features of a watershed, how plants were historically used for industry, food, & medicine, and will also learn about practical advice for trail hiking.


Creating a Fishable, Swimmable Delaware River

Developing a “roadmap to clean water” on the Delaware River, supporting the search for justice, jobs and clean water.


Creating Community Spaces with Habitat Restoration

Join us for a discussion about the preservation and restoration of a 7-acre grassland in Cumberland County. This habitat restoration work served as a first step in developing a new community park with more than 1000 native trees and shrubs planted.


Guided Hike

Join one of the Flat Rock Brook Nature Center’s naturalists for a virtual walk thought the various ecosystems of Flat Rock Brook’s 150 acre preserve. Our 3.6 miles of self-guided forested hiking trails that lead to a cascading stream, wetlands, pond, and meadows.


Lagoon Labs

This is a special program that highlights the work our organization has done with monitoring the invasive species of jellyfish in our lagoon communities by showing off the hidden natural world that lives beneath the waves. Participants will get the chance to examine settling organisms via microscope and learn how they can help draw connections to water quality.


Interrupting Moonlight Mating for Science

Every May and June, millions of unassuming Atlantic Horseshoe Crabs, driven by eons of evolution, make their way to the sandy beaches of the Delaware Bay to spawn. As the nighttime tide comes in, beaches along the Bay come alive with amorous horseshoe crabs looking for a chance to reproduce. It is during these annual “lovemaking” events that we get a chance to monitor this unique keystone species.



Introduction to Teaneck Creek

Welcome to Teaneck Creek Conservancy, a 46 acre eco-art passive trail forested wetland habitat in the heart of Bergen County. Learn more about the history of this unique park and the work accomplished here.



Invasive Invertebrates: Not too Pretty to Step on!

Join Flat Rock Brook Nature Center’s Education Director, Carol Fusco, for a look at the increasing amount of invasive invertebrates, how they arrive in New Jersey, and what do we do about it?



Native Vs. Invasive Plants

An introduction to common invasive plants and native plant alternatives for backyard habitats.



Neighborhood Birding and Backyard Biodiversity

Several short segments (2-6 min) on locating various NJ birds and DIY Rain Gauge and DIY Dynamic Watershed projects.



Preserving Public Access to the Coast

Protecting the Public Trust Doctrine and the public’s right of access to beaches and tidal waters in NJ.



Protection and Preservation of NJ Wildlife

Woodford Cedar Run’s Mission – including the wildlife we care for in the hospital & as non-releasable residents / meet & greet with resident animal & talking a bit more about their specific story on why they cannot be released / what we can do to protect wildlife / Q&A.



Rain Gardens, Can You Dig It?

Rain gardens are a nature based solution to localized flooding, nonpoint source pollution, and stream bank erosion. Learn how you can use your own back yard to support local ecosystems and water quality in your neighborhood.



Restoring Wreck Pond Inlet

In 2016, the American Littoral Society (Society) completed the installation of a 600’ long box culvert connecting the Atlantic Ocean to Wreck Pond, a 73 acre coastal pond located on the boarder of Spring Lake and Sea Girt, NJ. Come learn about the history of the project, the current status of Wreck Pond, the results of our fish monitoring, and potential ways you can get involved.


Sandy Giants

Join the American Littoral Society for a webinar focused on coastal ecology. We will discuss the important role dunes play along our coast, a very impactful species of beachgrass and how to better protect your shore based towns.


Sea Creatures with Amazing Features

Let us share our little animals with you! Participants will use all of their senses and their imagination to discover the wet world of water animals. Following a fun and interactive explanation of the local sea animals, participants will get some quality virtual time with them. Habitats, food chains, and anatomy are some of the topics covered. Animals may include sea stars, sea urchins, hermit crabs, spider crabs, clams, sea snails, and a horseshoe crab.


Seining the Bay

Seining gives participants the opportunity to see what aquatic organisms live in Barnegat Bay and learn about the important roles they play in their ecosystems. It is something that we offer here at our EcoCenter and also have offered virtually.



Sustainable Landscaping Practices

Join Flat Rock Brook Nature Center’s Land Manager Catherine Wedgbury for a program about sustainable landscaping practices and the value of native plants in the home garden and the community.


Teaneck Creek's Restoration

Learn about a once forgotten piece of property, a dumpsite for the construction of Rt. 80 and 95, transform into an urban oasis unlike any other!


The Marshes and Wildlife of the Meadowlands

From the deck of one of our 30-foor pontoon research boats, Hackensack Riverkeeper will introduce viewers to the REAL Meadowlands – not the caricature, not the stadium, not the closed dumps – but the productive ecosystem that it is today.


The Shrinking Urban Forest

Join Flat Rock Brook Nature Center’s Education Director, Carol Fusco, for a look at the importance of the Urban Forest and the issues forests are facing through Climate Change and land use concerns.


Traveling Turtles

These ravishing reptiles elicit awe from people of all age levels. Participants will get a chance to meet a variety of turtles that are native to New Jersey, as well as explore various hands-on turtle artifacts. Your group will dive into topics such as: turtle anatomy, natural history, behaviors, adaptations, life cycles, and more. Participants will also learn about our Diamondback Terrapin Conservation Project and get some quality virtual screen time with live adult terrapins and even some hatchlings.


Welcome To New Jersey's Largest Lake

The Lake Hopatcong Foundation dedicates itself to protecting the lake environment and enhancing the lake experience, bringing together public and private resources to encourage a culture of sustainability and stewardship on and around New Jersey’s largest lake, for this and future generations.


What is Habitat Restoration?

Capt. Al will discuss what habitat restoration is, why the Society does it, and why it is important. He will also provide some case studies to include restoration in Delaware Bay, Barnegat Bay, and Monmouth county.


Why Save Barnegat Bay?

This is an interactive presentation that covers a bit of everything that our organization does ranging from advocacy, education, policy, and conservation. Participants will get the chance to ask questions and also learn about Barnegat Bay, how to manage threats to the watershed, ecology, and much more.


Winter Waterfowl and Seals

Join the American Littoral Society for a webinar all about our local winter waterfowl and seal friends. We will take a look at the different species, characteristics of them, where to spot them and identifying features. We will also go over where we typically look for these species around Sandy Hook when we have our walks in person.


Zero Waste Workshop

Join our Education Director, Lindsay McNamara for a webinar that will cover ways to lessen your waste. In this workshop we will go over pollution facts, easy switches, how to complete a trash audit, microfibers, fast fashion, and more.


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