About Us

As a member of more than 60 workplace campaigns across New Jersey and over 400 nationwide, nearly 6 million employees support our members every year. EarthShare New Jersey’s workplace contribution programs have provided NJ employees with the ability to support their environment through payroll contributions. EarthShare New Jersey members work within the community to educate the public and find solutions to our environmental issues and challenges. Through their efforts, we are all looking at a cleaner, greener, healthier tomorrow.

EarthShare New Jersey is an affiliate of the larger EarthShare. Together, the national office and affiliates represent more than 450 environmental and conservation charities throughout the United States.

EarthShare New Jersey and our members work to:

  • Protect and enhance the environment by preventing human health problems caused by pollution.
  • Preserve and conserve resources, wildlife diversity and habitat.
  • Educate the public about environmental resources.
  • Promote a sustainable economy now and for the future.

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