Member Feature: New York-New Jersey Trail Conference


Every trail needs to be taken care of—kept open, clean, and safe—and the New York-New Jersey Trail Conference is the leading nonprofit organization dedicated to building trails and protecting trail lands across the greater New York metropolitan region. Their volunteers care for more than 2,100 miles of trails from northern New Jersey to the Catskills and beyond!

Whether you’re a backpacker, mountain biker, or just want to get some fresh air and exercise, they can connect you to a trail you’ll love and help make the whole experience safe, comfortable, and fun. Their passion is helping people responsibly enjoy the benefits of being outdoors.


PSEG volunteers at NY-NJ Trail Conference during ESNJ’s Green Day Challenge


Since 1920, they have brought their expertise and ability to find sustainable, on-the-ground solutions to land managers and the public. When park agencies require resources for vital needs such as trail maintenance, habitat restoration, and visitor education, the Trail Conference jumps into action. In fact, it was Trail Conference volunteers who built the first section of the Appalachian Trail, in New York’s Harriman-Bear Mountain State Park, in 1923! They’ve been creating safe, enjoyable pathways to nature for 100 years through the dedication of volunteers and advocates. It is through the incredible generosity of Trail Conference supporters that we all have such a wealth of outdoor opportunities in the most densely populated area of the country.


Helping to keep the trails clear for all visitors!


By partnering with park agencies and engaging the public, the Trail Conference preserves the integrity of trails and natural areas and inspires a deeper appreciation for the care that these special places require. The NY-NJ Trail Conference believes everyone who seeks the outdoors should have the opportunity to connect with nature. Find your path to exploring and protecting nature at or connecting on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram