Easing into Spring

The beginning of the year is always a challenge for me, should I be excited for a fresh start or should I go into hibernation because I am a summer girl at heart? Once February rolls around we usually have a few snowstorms under our belt and my Uggs are stained with salt. I start to wonder will I ever be warm again? But then I think of Valentine’s Day and a few warmer days here and there start to pop up on the forecast. Spring is coming and with spring comes a whole new outlook. I start to look forward to sunny weekends and spending time outdoors.


At-Large EarthShare NJ Board Member, Hannah, enjoying the outdoors with her family


For me, I think the biggest silver lining of Covid is that it forced us, as a culture, outside. Why weren’t we outside more before? Vitamin D is known to be a key component in building and maintaining healthy bones, it boosts our immune systems, and eases inflammation. So with the spirit of spring in the air, I challenge you all to embrace the outdoors this month, especially on days over 45 degrees.


Group of children at Woodford Cedar Run Wildlife Refuge enjoying learning about wildlife


This month, I challenge myself to go for a walk during my lunch break at least two times a week. During the weekends I plan to explore New Jersey with my family and what better way to explore New Jersey than to visit a member organization of EarthShare New Jersey? This month we are hoping to visit Woodford Cedar Run Wildlife Refuge in Medford. They pride themselves on being dedicated to New Jersey’s wildlife, people, and the habitats we share through conservation, education, and preservation. Currently, they maintain a wildlife hospital and nature center. I know my two young children will enjoy running through their nature trails while my husband and I check out some of the local wildlife.


A group discovering more about Barnegat Bay’s ecosystem through Save Barnegat Bay’s education programs


We are also hoping for a few extra warm days where we can spend some time on the Barnegat Bay Coastline – hiking, skipping rocks, and picnicking. When that day comes I know we will visit the Save Barnegat Bay website to see what we can do to support their mission of restoring and protecting Barnegat Bay and its ecosystem. On other days I am sure we will be enjoying our back deck as we slowly wait for the days to get longer. I wish you all a very happy February, a lovely Valentine’s Day, and a fast winter. I hope to see you out on the trails this spring.


Hannah Schneider
At-Large Board Member, EarthShare New Jersey