Green Day Challenge

2018 Corporate Green Day Challenge  

April 27th, 2018

Join the challenge to work hand-in-hand with environmental non-profit organizations and make a difference!  

 Are you up for the challenge?

EarthShare New Jersey hosts an annual Corporate Green Day Challenge to get businesses involved with our environment.  This challenge invites employers large and small from across the state to partner with an EarthShare New Jersey member organization for an environmental project.  (Projects are available in most counties.) Once the project is complete, the team and site will be evaluated by panelists, hosts and participants.  The results will be tabulated and awards will be presented for Best Overall Challenge, Team Work, Spirit and more at the annual EarthShare NJ Leadership Breakfast May 16 at Duke Farms in Hillsborough.

The 2018 project sites are still being finalized.  A complete list will be posted in January!

Each 3 – 4 hour volunteer event at a site you select includes water, supplies and guidance. The participation fee also includes a donation.  Lunch can be added for an additional cost.

1 – 5 employees              $500
6- 15 employees             $750
16 – 25 employees            $1,000
26 – 40 employees             $2,000
41+ employees          priced upon request

(Contact ESNJ to arrange for larger groups and pricing)

2018 Green Day Challenge Sites

 Project sites will be assigned on a first come first served basis.  Click here to complete the Corporate Green Day Challenge Reservation Form by the April 6, 2018 deadline.

The following projects have been developed exclusively for the April 27, Green Day Challenge. All sites are hosted by a registered 501(c)3 organization that is affiliated with EarthShare New Jersey.

Bergen County                    Englewood                      5 – 15 volunteers

Assist in trail maintenance and invasive plant removal at a 150 acre nature facility. There are no special skills required except care and concern for our natural surroundings. Help to improve the trail system and restore an old growth woodland.


Bergen County                    Englewood                    up to 15 volunteers

Volunteers are needed to assist in trail maintenance, invasive plant removal, and or native planting at our 150 acre facility. There are no special skills required and welcome the assistance to improve our trail system and/or planting areas!


Bergen County                 Franklin Lakes              up to 25 volunteers

This 14 acre sanctuary maintains over 1 mile of public walking trails that require regular cleaning and maintenance to keep them safe and accessible. This project includes re-blazing the trails, checking and replacing the liner branches alongside the trails, and clearing summer growth. Some of these trails are handicapped accessible nature trail that are used by students and visitors in wheelchairs and mobility aids. All equipment provided.


Bergen County                Franklin Lakes             up to 25 volunteers

There are protective dear fences installed throughout the property that require maintenance. This will involve replacing and repairing some of the fences to help protect the land from the over browsing of deer which leads to the failure for many tree species, a shift in sub canopy and canopy dominance towards non-preferred vegetation. Deer damage also leads to a decline in songbirds that prefer nesting in the shrub of the intermediate canopy layer in the forest. All equipment provided.


Bergen County                Oakland                        16 or more volunteers

Work in a beautiful setting within Ramapo Mountain State Forest to help restore native habitat. You’ll be removing an invasive shrub that has taken over a section of the park and planting a variety of tree seedlings to help restore the forest in that area. No experience necessary.


Burlington County         Medford                          5 – 25 volunteers

Assistance at this special wildlife area is always needed! Volunteers are needed to help maintain the 3.5 miles of trails. All are in need of trimming, relabeling and cleaning of forest debris for safe passage by our members and guests. Come help us prepare!


Camden County         Camden                               5 – 15 volunteers

Come spend the morning working in the gardens getting them ready for the upcoming planting season.  Activities will be defined by the number of volunteers, but may include shoveling, raking and moving wheelbarrows of dirt and compost, pulling weeds, organizing gardening equipment, mixing potting soil, spreading mulch, and other activities as time, skill and weather will allow.  The morning may wrap up with an eco tour of the Waterfront South neighborhood of Camden!


Cape May County            Cape May                  any number of volunteers

This center’s getting ready for the public! There is a need to do some painting, exhibit redesign, tile work and general maintenance to give the space a full makeover (including the aquarium displays). Work is also needed to get the exhibit materials and educational handouts to enhance the displays organized. There is also a need to update display boards and create a new map for the organization’s “Story Walk”.


Cumberland County             Bridgeton               5 – 15 volunteers

Work a day in the organic community garden! The Garden provides the mostly migrant, low-income population of Bridgeton with access to healthy organic produce. The day could consist of greenhouse tasks, seed planting, working the compost pile, and cleaning plant beds. No experience is necessary.


Essex County                    Newark                any number of volunteers

Trees are a crucial part of Newark’s infrastructure. Trees reduce temperatures in summer months, remove pollutants out of the air we breathe and store storm-water during wet weather events. Trees improve the quality of life for the city’s residents. This project involves working in groups of 3 – 4 to take inventory of the trees in the South Ward. Volunteers will gather information about the trees including the diameter, condition, species and information about the surroundings. (This is a GREAT large group project!)


Essex County RESERVED Newark                  5 – 25 volunteers

Come work at an urban environmental center or on an urban farm. Volunteers could be planting, harvesting, weeding, moving mulch, building raised beds or more. This is a great opportunity to learn more about urban gardening and explore a part of Newark not everyone is familiar with.    


Essex County                    Caldwell                          5 – 15 volunteers

Volunteers are needed to help turn the soil and prepare it for spring planting. This young organic garden features native plants with a special focus on attracting pollinators.


Hudson County RESERVED  Jersey City       any number of volunteers

Help to prep the gardens of this treasured state park for the spring season. With so many beautiful gardens to tend to, volunteer work may involve weeding, cleaning out the beds from winter, plantings for spring, pruning or more. While it is hard work, there is a beautiful payout in the end.


Hudson County RESERVED Secaucus     26 or more volunteers

Meet at a paddling center and the group is split into 2 teams. One will board canoes and pluck trash from the waterway as they paddle, the other will pick up trash while walking the riverbank. There will be an opportunity for the group to switch from land to water midway through the cleanup. (generally, any ambulatory person can participate in a river cleanup, and participants are not pushed outside their physical comfort zone)


Mercer County                   Pennington                 26 or more volunteers
Creation of an outdoor space dedicated to children’s free play and exploration.  Volunteers will assist in clearing the area of Japanese honeysuckle and multiflora Rose.  Volunteers will also help to remove previously felled trees and wood debris from the play space.


Mercer County                    Titusville                     16 or more volunteers

The largest forest area in Mercer County harbors many rare plants and animals and has been in restoration for the past five years. This experience involves planting small trees/shrubs, creating turtle nesting mounds, and removal of invasive species. The results of this work will allow for a healthier ecosystem!


Middlesex County                Cranbury                      5-25 volunteers

Five miles of trails require some maintenance including re-blazing (painting) the trails, realignment of liner branches along the paths, clearing debris, and removing unwanted growth. There is also an opportunity to do some weeding and transplanting of ferns. Work is available for all energy/skill levels!

Monmouth County RESERVED Aberdeen                 any number of volunteers

Famous for the 1916 shark attacks that inspired Jaws, Matawan Creek is home to something much scarier – litter! This portion of the creek is a known dumping ground for tires so volunteers are needed to help clean storm debris and illegal dumping.


Monmouth County RESERVED Keansburg     any number of volunteers

A small one square mile town where 18% of the population lives below the poverty line, the beaches here alternate between bathing and fishing designations. There is a cleanup needed, and this will make a difference for this community!


Monmouth County                Keyport                     any number of volunteers

Volunteers are needed to help clean-up Chingarora Creek. Help is needed to remove trash and debris that have washed in from various storms or were illegally dumped. Volunteers will start in the wetlands and clean their way towards the creek bank. High boots are recommended!


Morris County RESERVED Boonton                       5 – 15 volunteers

Volunteers will help with general cleanup of this 44 acre preserved property. Spring maintenance of the native garden and surrounding property may include raking leaves, trimming plants, shrubs and planting. Some interior work may also be possible. The work of this team will make it possible for many others to enjoy this little piece of heaven in Morris County.


Ocean County            Island Beach State Park           26 or more volunteers

The park has 24 trails leading to both ocean and bay beaches. Volunteers will walk the trails and clean along the way! Everyone will meet on the beach and finish the clean-up there.


Ocean County                       Toms River                         16 – 25 volunteers

The Barnegat Bay Eco-Center needs native plants in the rear of the building where people park. The area has been infested with invasive plants and the soil needs to be removed. Volunteers will remove the invasive plants, replace the soil and add native plants to the garden. This will not only prevent the spread of invasive species, but will also demonstrate shade tolerant NJ native plants for visitors to the EcoCenter.


Somerset County  RESERVED Bernardsville           15 – 25 volunteers

This 276 wildlife sanctuary can always use the assistance of volunteers to help maintain the ecosystem. Volunteers may work on one of a variety of projects:

• Remove the excess sediment from one of the vernal ponds. This is an important activity for several species of amphibians that only successfully reproduce in vernal ponds.
• Clearing fire breaks usually include cutting a 10’ wide swath through Japanese barberry and multiflora rose.
• Help to remove invasive species from the property. If not controlled, it will choke off the thriving habitat of wildlife.
• Weeding and transplanting ferns around the property to help prevent soil erosion, and reduce property maintenance expenses.


Union County                          Summit                       16 or more volunteers

This national and historic site includes among its most valuable features a perennial border roughly 100 years old! This important border needs immediate attention to bring it up to display level. This project involves removing virtually all of the existing plants, renovating the beds, and replanting with new and old materials.

Project sites will be assigned on a first come first served basis.
Click here to complete the Corporate Green Day Challenge Reservation Form
by the April 6, 2018 deadline.

We look forward to seeing you and your team in 2018! 

Thank you for helping EarthShare New Jersey
to make our state a healthier, safer and greener place
to live, work, and play!