There are many ways to support EarthShare New Jersey and help protect and preserve the environment. However you choose to contribute, you can make a difference!

The purchase of these products or services benefits EarthShare New Jersey and our environment by increasing awareness of important environmental issues, promoting environmentally-friendly habits and by raising revenue for EarthShare New Jersey.

  • – Designate EarthShare NJ as your charity of choice, search as usual, and help the environment at the same time.
  • – % varies by product.  Great for college textbooks, CD’s, DVD’s, or anything else you need
  • – A simple way to recycle old electronics
  • – Great teas for good causes
  • Vehicle Management Services – Donate your old car, call 1-888-395-3955 for further details
  • – Shop as usual, using this link!
  • Kohl’s – Shop as usual, using this link!
  • Land’s End – Shop as usual, using this link!
  • Old Navy – Shop as usual, using this link!

Check out and GoodShop for a full list of “give-back” opportunities.