How to Become a Member

EarthShare New Jersey considers new members annually. Our objective is to include organizations that address a variety of environmental issues from all parts of the state. EarthShare New Jersey enables members to expand support for environmental work through payroll contribution fundraising.

Non-profit organizations that are interested in membership can contact the ESNJ office to request more information or may be identified by our current members as a candidate.

Candidates are traditionally identified between January and March. At that time, the Membership Committee reviews the candidates and presents them to the full board for consideration. Every organization applying for membership with EarthShare New Jersey must nstrate that it:

  • Is a registered 501(c)3 organization that meets the eligibility requirements for participation in the State Employees Charitable Campaign.
  • Annually files IRS Form 990 and completes an audit.
  • Has been in existence for three years prior to applying to the Federation as evidenced by three years of IRS form 990s and accompanying audits.
  • Is established as a “permanent” organization (i.e., one whose mission is not limited by the termination of some project or campaign)
  • Is an organization with the primary mission of which is to protect and enhance the natural environment or conservation of natural resources.
  • Meets all other requirements for membership with EarthShare New Jersey as set forth in its By-laws and is committed to working cooperatively and positively with all other EarthShare New Jersey members though they may disagree on organizational policies and environmental issues.
  • Is not a private foundation, private operating foundation or community foundation.
  • Does not advocate or support illegal activities.
  • Can and will pay all application and affiliation dues/fees.
  • Maintains a policy of not spending more than 25% of its budget for fundraising and administrative purposes.

Following board approval, candidates will receive an application for membership. This must be completed and returned by October 1. Upon receipt, the application is reviewed by the Membership Committee and presented to the full board for consideration. Candidates must receive approval by two thirds of the board to be accepted into membership. All candidates will receive a letter notifying them of the results in a timely manner.

If your organization is interested in pursuing membership in EarthShare New Jersey, email us or call us at 609-989-1160