Members by Location


  • Association of New Jersey Environmental Commissions A statewide non-profit organization that works with citizens and local officials to promote the public interest in long-term natural resource protection and sustainable development.
  • El Comite De Apoyo A Los Trabajadores Agricolas (CATA) CATA is a farmworker organization that, for twenty-seven years, has facilitated farmworker organizing efforts so that they can achieve social, economic, and environmental justice.
  • Clean Water Fund We all live downstream… Neighborhood-based action, education programs which join citizens, businesses, government for sensible solutions ensuring safe drinking water, pollution prevention, resource conservation.
  • Conserve Wildlife Foundation of New Jersey Works to protect New Jersey’s rare and imperiled wildlife and the habitats they depend on through research, education, habitat restoration, and community outreach.
  • Eastern Environmental Law Center The clinic, funded predominately from contributions, empowers citizens to promote public health and protect New Jersey’s environment through legal and technical advice, strategy and representation.
  • Environmental Education Fund The Environmental Education Fund provides mentoring and resources to help organizations hold engaging programs that foster environmental education through film, discussions and multimedia events.
  • Isles, Inc. ISLES, Inc. enables urban residents to learn about and value the environment through hands-on improvements and education projects in schools, parks and neighborhoods.
  • New Jersey Audubon Society Conservation, education, and research efforts foster environmental awareness among NJ citizens to protect wildlife/plants, especially threatened and endangered species, and promote natural habitat preservation.
  • New Jersey Conservation Foundation New Jersey Conservation Foundation protects lands through acquisition and stewardship, strong land use policies and strategic partnerships.

New Jersey Coastline

  • American Littoral Society A membership organization dedicated since 1961 to the protection of all coastal habitats including beaches, estuaries, rivers, wetlands and their wildlife.
  • Clean Ocean Action Clean Ocean Action is a coalition-based organization that uses research, education, and citizen action to stop ocean pollution off the NJ/NY coast.
  • NY/NJ Baykeeper Focuses on preservation and conservation of the water and waterways of the Hudson-Raritan Estuary including advocacy for open space, water quality and the environment.
  • Save Barnegat Bay A not-for-profit environmental group working to conserve undeveloped natural land and clean water throughout the Barnegat Bay watershed.
  • Surfrider Foundation Protects and preserves the world’s oceans, waves and beaches through conservation, activism, research and education. Activities include water quality monitoring, environmental education and grassroots activism.
  • Wetlands Institute, The Pioneers education, research and conservation efforts to promote appreciation and understanding of the vital role wetlands and coastal ecosystems play in the survival of life.

Northern New Jersey

  • Flat Rock Brook Nature Association Protects the lands under their supervision as a natural plant and animal sanctuary. Provides a natural environment for trail walks, nature study and other activities.
  • Friends of Liberty State Park Coordinate activities and programs to benefit the mental, emotional, and spiritual health of park users and to protect, improve and beautify this great urban state park.
  • Greater Newark Conservancy Support NJ’s urban communities in creating environmentally safe neighborhoods through grassroots education, training, community organizing, preservation, improvement of open space, revitalization, beautification and job training.
  • Hackensack Riverkeeper Through advocacy, education, action and enforcement, Hackensack Riverkeeper promotes Clean Water, Open Space and Smart Growth in the Hackensack River watershed and Newark Bay Complex.
  • Land Conservancy of New Jersey Preserves northern NJ’s open spaces through its Preservation, Stewardship and Education programs, emphasizing critical watersheds, scenic & historic landscapes, wildlife habitat and important recreation areas.
  • NY – NJ Trail Conference A coalition of 10,000 individual and 100 organizational members dedicated to protecting and promoting a 1,650-mile network of foot trails throughout greater metropolitan New York.
  • Passaic River Coalition Advocates to improve and protect our water quality, promote river restoration and reduce flooding, and preserve envrionmentally important lands, through public outreach.

Central New Jersey

Southern New Jersey

  • Pinelands Preservation Alliance The Pinelands Preservation Alliance preserves the last remaining open space between Boston and Virginia.
  • Woodford Cedar Run Wildlife Refuge: 174 acre wildlife refuge, wildlife rehabilitation hospital and environmental education center whose mission is to serve as a community resource on the importance of protecting and enhancing healthy ecosystems for all.

National Members

  • African Wildlife Foundation Foremost authority on African Wildlife dedicated to protecting elephants, mountain gorillas and other unique species through innovative, practical programs developed with the people of Africa.
  • Alaska Conservation Foundation Premier link between individual donors nationwide and Alaska’s conservation organizations. Protects Alaska’s wilderness and wildlife habitats by funding the best local environmental groups and programs.
  • American Farmland Trust Stopping the loss of farmland to sprawling development. Working with communities on smarter growth that includes local family farms. Advocating environmentally healthy farming practices.
  • American Forests Funds private and public land reforestation projects; provides satellite imagery of tree loss to cities; educates the public on the value of trees and forests.
  • American Rivers Working to protect and restore America’s rivers and foster a river stewardship ethic; ensuring safe drinking water, recreational opportunities, and preserving fish and wildlife habitat.
  • Bat Conservation International Bats, and the habitats they rely on, urgently need your assistance. Help save these remarkable and vulnerable animals through our education, conservation and research efforts.
  • Beyond Pesticides Prevents pesticide poisoning of our environment, homes, workplaces, schools, food, and water through a practical information clearinghouse on toxic hazards and non-chemical pest control.
  • Center for Health, Environment and Justice Empowers families protecting their children, and communities protecting public health, from toxic chemicals in drinking water, air, food. Assists with information, community organizing and coalition-building.
  • Defenders of Wildlife Working since 1947 to save America’s precious wild animals and threatened habitat for our children and future generations through education, citizen action and scientific research.
  • Environmental and Energy Study Institute Brings together diverse interests to educate Congress and promote solutions on clean energy, climate change, transportation, agriculture, and sprawl for a cleaner, healthier, safer future.
  • Environmental Defense Environmental Defense’s scientists, economists and attorneys design practical, long-term strategies to protect wildlife and natural resources, and safeguard clean air, water and human health.
  • Environmental Law Institute Environmental law that works for you: community-based education + research on national problems = solutions to protect people and nature. Independent and non-partisan.
  • Friends of the Earth Strives to preserve our natural resources, advocate for public health protection and work for environmental justice for all peoples throughout the world.
  • Izaak Walton League of America Solutions-oriented conservationists – hunters, anglers, outdoor recreationists – working to protect America’s air, waters, woods, and wildlife habitat through education, advocacy and fostering strong outdoor ethics.
  • Land Trust Alliance Helping people protect undeveloped land in their communities — saving our forests, farms, waters, historic and natural areas. Leads, trains, and educates 1,500 land conservation groups.
  • National Arbor Day Foundation National leader in environmental education, nature education for children, conferences, community forestry, tree planting/care, conservation, and stewardship, celebrating Arbor Day and Arbor Day Farm.
  • National Parks Conservation Association Preserves national parks from the Grand Canyon to Gettysburg; protects endangered wildlife and cultural sites; promotes new parks; defends against pollution, inappropriate development and overcrowding.
  • National Wildlife Federation America’s conservation organization keeping wildlife in our future, protecting endangered species and habitats, and connecting children and adults with nature through education and action opportunities.
  • Natural Resources Defense Council NRDC defends embattled wilderness, rivers, clean air, coasts, and wildlife across America and around the globe. Saved Baja’s whales, Canada’s Spirit bears, and California’s sequoias.
  • Pesticide Action Network North America Works to eliminate poisonous pesticides. Links consumer, labor, health, environment, and agriculture groups internationally to advance safer, ecologically sound pest control alternatives.
  • Scenic America Protects natural beauty , fights billboard blight and saves America’s special places. Our education and advocacy preserves thousands of miles of roads and hundreds of communities.
  • Rails-to-Trails Conservancy Converts thousands of miles of unused railroad corridors into public trails for walking, bicycling, hiking, skating, horseback riding, cross-country skiing, wildlife habitats, and nature appreciation.
  • Rainforest Alliance Protects endangered forest ecosystems and the people that depend on them by transforming land use, business practices and consumer behavior.
  • The Conservation Fund The nation’s most effective and efficient conservation organization – protecting working landscapes, wildlife habitat and recreation sites – with 95% of funds going directly to mission.
  • The Nature Conservancy Buys and protects land to save our world’s rare plants and animals from extinction. Over 117 million acres protected — rainforests, prairies, wetlands, mountains, and beaches.
  • The Ocean Conservancy Through research, education and science-based advocacy, The Ocean Conservancy informs, inspires and empowers people to speak and act on behalf of the oceans.
  • The Peregrine Fund Saves eagles, condors, falcons, and other endangered birds through research, breeding and conservation programs. Helps preserve rainforests. Educates children and adults about nature and science.
  • The Sierra Club Foundation Fights to preserve wilderness and protect environmental quality worldwide through a powerful combination of education, scientific research, publishing, and litigation.
  • The Trust for Public Land The Trust for Public Land conserves land for people to enjoy as parks, gardens and other natural places, ensuring livable communities for generations to come.
  • Wildlife Trust Wildlife Trust’s international team of scientists discovers innovative ways for people and wildlife to share human-dominated landscapes for their mutual survival.
  • World Wildlife Fund Protects endangered wildlife and their threatened habitats by providing emergency assistance and long-term support to parks, nature preserves and anti-poaching activities on five continents.