Member Feature: Pinelands Preservation Alliance

The Pinelands Preservation Alliance works tirelessly to defend New Jersey’s largest wilderness – the Pinelands National Reserve.  The goal of this organization is to make sure the Pine Barrens are always here for people like you.  Studies show that access to nature improves mental and physical health.  We simply can’t afford to lose natural places, yet we fight each day to protect the natural spaces we have left in the state and across the country. The Pinelands Preservation Alliance serves all the residents of New Jersey and beyond by working to protect the Pinelands National Reserve, the largest open space of the eastern seaboard between the forests of Maine and the Florida Everglades.


The survival of New Jersey’s Pinelands is entirely dependent on the regulations that were created to protect it.  The Pinelands Plan is America’s most outstanding example of smart growth planning.  Because of the Pinelands Plan, genuine wilderness has been maintained that can’t be found anywhere else in the very developed Garden State state.

The Pinelands Preservation Alliance has been working to protect the Pinelands National Reserve for 26 years.  With unparalleled expertise in Pinelands laws and regulations, the PPA policy positions, expert testimony and initiatives are based on sound science.  This gives the organization a strong nonpartisan reputation among legislative leaders, government agencies and the citizens of New Jersey. This also engages thousands of people each year in meaningful actions to protect the wildest place in New Jersey, which is important now, more than ever, as there is ever increasing pressure to waive the rules that protect in order to construct natural gas pipelines and allow other types of incompatible development.

Supporting the work of the Pinelands Preservation Alliance is a great way to keep New Jersey green.  The Pinelands National Reserve covers 22% of the state.  If you love New Jersey’s wild spaces, then keeping the Pinelands protected should be at the top of your list.  Here is an example of what PPA does for you:

  1. A Voice. Representing your interests in the face of powerful forces that would see the Pinelands developed despite the rules that protect it. 
  2. Action. Not afraid to take legal action when the situation demands it. 
  3. Information. Knowledge is power. Providing you with an analysis of the issues based on sound science, not someone’s personal or political point of view.
  4. Community. Thousands of other like-minded individuals are providing critical support of our mission to protect New Jersey’s Pinelands.
  5. Participation. You have a busy schedule and can’t keep track of the meetings, hearings, and complicated issues that matter to the Pinelands. PPA does that for you and can help you make a difference – sometimes with just the click of a button. 


Pinelands forests and streams demand little from us – yet they give back so much.  

PPA is always looking for volunteers to help in the office and at events.  Advocates are needed who are willing to take action to protect this amazing region.  Sign up online at  Bring friends and family out to the Pine Barrens on a guided trip with our outdoor recreation service, Pinelands Adventures (