Member Feature: Monmouth Conservation Foundation

Monmouth Conservation Foundation


Photo Credit: Bridget Considine


Since its founding in 1977, Monmouth Conservation Foundation has been the only county-wide land trust, dedicated to preserving open space and farmland, creating parks and protecting land, water, air, as well as wildlife and habitats. MCF is proud to have collaboratively saved 22,500 acres of open space and farmland.


Photo Credit: P. Karaz


Today, much of Monmouth County is densely populated and marked by sprawl and over development. As the fifth most populous county in the most densely populated state in America, MCF’s mission to save land is more important than ever as we face the challenges of climate change.


Photo Credit: Amy Staudt


The variety of MCF’s projects is a clear reflection of the county’s diversity. Projects include new suburban and urban parks, significant park additions, farmland preservation, habitat protection, and public access to waterways. Work is accomplished through strong partnerships with municipal, county, and state governments, and other nonprofits.



Since 2013, MCF has served 3,000 Monmouth County students in 25 schools through the Kids for Conservation program. 75% of participants are from Urban Aid Communities. Our children will someday be stewards of our land and education is critical to forming the environmental leaders of tomorrow.

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