Join the Corporate Green Day Challenge

Corporate Green Day Challenge – April 7, 2017

EarthShare New Jersey has organized the second annual Green Day Challenge.  Businesses from across the state compete for awards against each other while helping environmental organizations to further their missions!  This is a great way for companies to put their environmental commitment into action.

What is the Corporate Green Day Challenge?

EarthShare New Jersey has organized a friendly competition that gives employee teams from participating companies an opportunity to work first-hand with environmental nonprofit organizations. You choose from over twenty group volunteer projects hosted by an ESNJ member.  We will coordinate logistics that provide a valuable team building opportunity while giving back to our environment.

Where are the Challenge locations?

Each worksite and team effort will be evaluated and awards will be given to companies based on the success of their project, teamwork, spirit and more.  (These awards will be announced at the Earth Day Leadership Breakfast on Monday, April 24 being held at Duke Farms) 

With members all over New Jersey, we have opportunities for teams from 5 – 50 available in many locations across the state. Trail maintenance, waterway clean-ups, spring cleanups and tree plantings are just some of the opportunities that exist.


All opportunities are on Friday, April 7.  Each company can establish when they want to begin/end.  All of the experiences are typically a 3-4 hour/half day project.  (lunch can be organized by the company if they want too!)

Secure your space TODAY!

There are many different sites available with costs contingent on the number of participants. Sites will be awarded to the first company to claim it with a submitted registration form.  See what’s available and secure your space now!

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