Join EarthShare New Jersey’s “20 for 20 Campaign” for a Cleaner and Greener NJ! Donate Today & Pick Your Project

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Join our 20 for 20 campaign for a cleaner and greener NJ and help meet our goal of raising at least $20,000 for NJ’s environment by the end of 2014! You’re invited to donate $20 or more throughout 2014 to support an environmental project you’re passionate about! We hope to fund several ESNJ member projects thanks to generous 20 for 20 donors. When making your donation, please specify the type of project(s) where you would like to allocate your funds. (funds will be allocated in accordance to donor preferences) Continue reading

Thank You for Making Our 20th Anniversary Celebrate a Success!


The evening was filled with great excitement and we are thrilled that more than 138 friends, supporters and environmental enthusiastists joined us in celebration of our 20th anniversary at the Grounds for Sculpture!  With great entertainment from Stringzville, food from … Continue reading

The Wetlands Institute Receives Disney Conservation Grant

The Wetlands Institute has been awarded a $24,900 grant from the Disney Worldwide Conservation Fund (DWCF). The conservation grant recognizes the Wetlands Institute’s many diamondback terrapin research and conservation projects. “We are incredibly grateful to have received the support of … Continue reading

Information on Wildlife Trapping from Woodford Cedar Run Wildlife Rescue


When wildlife/human interactions occur, people generally resort to trapping and relocating to “fix” the issue.  Trapping should be considered a last resort, as it is generally not beneficial to the public or the animals.  Trapping does not discriminate and non-target … Continue reading

New Turtle-Safe Lighting Installed at the Wetlands Institute

Turtle at the Wetlands Institute

As part of continuing efforts to build a center of excellence in research, education, and conservation, the Wetlands Institute has implemented new energy efficiency practices that include lighting technology specifically designed to be environmentally compatible with turtles and other sensitive … Continue reading