“Beauty and Bounty of NJ” Photo Contest Winners Awarded







Congratulations to EarthShare NJ’s “Beauty and Bounty of NJ” photo competition winners!

A hummingbird captured in mid-flight, an environmental organization and a pest control company became an unlikely grouping as the best of the “Beauty and Bounty of NJ” photo competition winners were awarded at EarthShare Celebrates NJ on the evening of April 12th.

Each of the 143 photographs submitted by 74 photographers were taken throughout New Jersey. The result is a montage of what makes New Jersey truly the Garden State.  The contest was made possible by a generous sponsorship from Cooper Pest Solutions of Lawrenceville, NJ.

“Typically you do not see a company involved with pesticides working hand in hand with the environmental community, but Cooper is no ordinary pest control company,” said Paula Aldarelli, Executive Director, EarthShare NJ.  “Cooper has been working with the New Jersey Environmental Federation for years and they are an amazing supporter of our efforts”

Phillip Cooper, CEO of Cooper Pest Solutions, felt the contest was a perfect fit for his company. “The photo submitted by winning photographer Kevin Wuchter is a shining example of the beauty of our state. When we were approached by EarthShare NJ to sponsor the contest, we felt it was a natural for us. We have been ardent supporters of the environmental community for years and we always look for alternatives that promote a healthy environment. Insuring sustainability is a prime directive of our organization.”

30 photos made it to the finals and an exciting 800 votes were cast.  The stunning photos were wonderful representations of the beauty and talent NJ has to offer nature lovers. The winning photograph was “Ruby Throated Hummingbird” submitted by Kevin Wuchter of Howell Township. First runner-up was “Three Tenors”, which featured a trio of songbirds submitted by Dick White of Galloway Township.  Third place winner “Osprey Stare Down” was submitted by Ben Wurst of Tuckerton.

EarthShare NJ is thrilled to also announce that Cooper has renewed its support of the contest. With expanded efforts planned for 2014, Cooper wants to help ensure that 8 million New Jersey residents get a chance to see their state in all of its natural glory.

Special thanks to Eileen Kennedy of The American Littoral Society, EarthShare NJ Member Organization, for organizing the “Beauty and Bounty of NJ” photo contest. 

About Cooper Pest Solutions
Cooper Pest Solutions is a progressive and full service pest management firm located in Lawrenceville, NJ. Since its founding in 1955 by Theodore H. Cooper, the company strives to develop or adopt the most advanced and effective pest treatment methodologies available. To this end, it applies a multidisciplinary approach to pest elimination that ensures the most reliable and effective results, while reducing pesticide usage and exposure. 

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